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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Share market update

4th March, 2020
Since the last weekend , Share market is experiencing a continuous downfall. Somewhat a little better results were seen on Tuesday.

 On Tuesday Sensex gained 479.68 points and reached 38623.70. Whereas top 50 companies added 170.55 points and reached 11303.30 . Overall it was a good performance of the market after a week of decline.

 But on Wednesday in morning after showing a rise market started going down and market closed at a Sensex scoring 38409.48 points by loosing 214.22. Nifty 50 also declined to 11251.00 by loosing 52.30 points.
 here's a list of top gainers and top looser companies from the top 50 companies listed on the national stock exchange .

For more information visit the official website of national stock exchange.

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  1. Please create a weekly report on the share market status