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Monday, March 9, 2020

Share market weekly report || Share market this week

    Share /Stock   market Summary.
                 2nd weekend of March 2020.

Hey friends , Today in this blog  I am providing you an abstract or summary
On the performance Of the share market in the preceding week.

In the blog I will be discussing the rise and fall of share price in the stock market. Also I will be giving datum of Sensex, nifty , gainers and loosers for each day respectively and the most important why did it happened so...

So let's begin as in my previous blogs I had
Composed in that about the crash that share market experienced  last week.

This week also the market did not show a rise however it was observed rising only one day which I will be discussing below.

The main question is why did the share Market declined ??

The most responsible answer to this question is the spread of Corona virus
all over the world which firstly emerged in China.

Since it's emerging Corona virus started spreading all over the world very quickly.
From China it spread to Hong Kong, then Vietnam, then it was observed in britain, UAE, and soon it spread all over the world
In this blog I am not going to tell about Corona virus in detail because I am composing this blog for share market news
I will be discussing about Corona virus in my some other blog.

Till our question has not been answered
Why did share market declined ??

There are many factors affecting the stock market

Due to suffering from Corona virus the economy of China has been nearly stopped
Due to this the supplier and the consumers
Countries of China both got affected .

In China about 2875 people have died due to Corona virus and approx 65,788 people have been found to be affected.
In other countries Corona is spreading
Till now it's vaccine has not been discovered so it looks more dangerous than it actually is .
Corona virus aalso affected the global market and also caused it to decline.

Now let us return to our stock market
Last weekend Sensex fell down by 2876.8 points nifty 50 also declined by 768.4 points this week also market started with a positive inclination on Monday below it shows the sensex and nifty summary on Monday
As you can see Sensex has increased by 336.87 and nifty 50 has increased by 84.80 points .
Now we move to Tuesday
 On Tuesday also the sensex and nifty increased Sensex by 479.48 points and nifty 50 by 170.55 points. It was a greater increeament on what was on previous day.

But after that stock market went on declining all the week
Here's the related data

As we can see both Thursday and Friday the market kept declining. On Thursday Sensex fell down by 496.66 points and nifty 50 by 229.50 points.

Whereas on Friday Sensex declined by893.99 points and nifty50 also had the same condition declining by 279.55 points.

So this all was how the market ended up the whole weekend .......
                                     But it was not that only Indian stock market had fallen but share market in the whole world is facing a loss these days due to the spread of Corona virus in the whole world
 The suffering patients are increasing day by day.
This was all from my side.

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