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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Share market weekly report

                  Share market summary

             3rd weekend of march2020

Hey friends, welcome back to the weekly share market update .

3rd weekend of March has came to an end .
And so I am preparing this blog for the updated summary of Indian stock market

In this blog , as from the previous blogs
I will be providing day by day update of share market.

Along with I will also be providing the gaining and loosing companies that are listed in nifty 50 list of national stock exchange.

The idea is to provide you a basic report on the performance of the market And the companies. So that you can you will be particular about the stocks that will be best for you.

The following data will help you in taking decisions before investing in a particular

So let's begin...........

                                  In the last weekend we saw the market declining continuously .
Something same happened this week also.

But it was not only that Indian market has declined the markets all over the world Is running towards a decline I will also be covering the datum in my some other blog.

This week on Monday like the previous day as on Friday on last week the stock prices kept on declining
sensex and nifty50 report as on monday
As you can see that on Monday Sensex fell down by 1941.67   points and it closed at 35634.95. 
           Nifty50 also fell down by 538.00 points and before closing it was at 10451.45.                                    

Here you can see the top gaining companies and the top loosing companies from the nifty 50. It will somewhat help you in selecting the stocks for you.

On Tuesday Share market was closed  due to Holi.
So for Tuesday Happy Holi to you all.....

Coming to next  here's how the market went on Wednesday
On Wednesday the Sensex increased by 62.45 points and reached 35697.40 points whereas nifty 50 increased by 6.95 points and reached 10458.40 points. 
And here's the top 5 gaining and loosing companies

Let's now move on another day of the week
i.e. Thursday
On Thursday share market suffered a huge loss Sensex declined by 3090.62 points and reached below 30000 whereas nifty 50 also suffered a huge loss of 966.10 points and reached at 8624.05 points.
On Thursday all the companies in the nifty 50 suffered loses. 

However on Friday market was not that what was it on Thursday
On Friday the market increased.
Sensex increased by 1325.34 points and reached 34,103.48 and nifty 50 increased by365.05 points and closed at 9955.20 
Here's the list showing the performance of different companies whether gaining or loosing.

So this was all from my side for this week and I will return next week again with a report on share market
weekly analysis 

For more information visit the official website of the national stock exchange

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