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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How to become a sub broker

How to become a sub broker..

How to become a sub broker

 If you are deeply intrested in share market and passionately follow the market trends
 NSE , BSE , and have a knack for handling financial resources , 
Then stock brokering may be the right option in building your career.

Here you will be getting  step by step full
Guide about how to become a sub broker , what are the criteria that a person has to follow to become a sub broker.

In my previous blog I had presented a detailed report on the following :-
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2. How to become a stock broker.
3. What are the steps that has to be followed to become a stock broker.
And many more.

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What is a sub broker ??

What is a sub broker

A sub broker is as important as a stock broker in the share market. The work of a sub broker is very similar to the work of a stock broker. However there is a minute difference between the two stock brokers and sub broker which I will be discussing in detail. 

A stock broker deals with all the transactions of stocks in the share market i.e. buying and selling of the stocks in the stock market.

If a person wants to buy or sell the stocks of certain company then he can't directly place the order on the stock exchange. He places the order to a stock broker or a sub broker with which he is registered and then the stock broker or sub broker completes his order by placing it in the share market.
What is a sub broker

So all the work that a stock broker does can be done by a sub broker.

How to become a sub broker ??

How to become a sub broker

Share market in India is gradually increasing day by day. Hence it is obvious that those who deal with market shares are going to have a rewarding career. As the market is increasing it creates opportunities for successful career.

Becoming a sub broker is more easier than becoming a stock broker, as a stock broker you need a lot of paperwork and lot of people and lot of money but in case of a sub broker you need less amount of money and paperwork.

Sub broker works on behalf of a stock broker.becoming a sub broker requires less amount of money as well as paperwork. In 2009 SEBI introduced the concept of authorised persons.

To become an authorised persons of a stock broker. You only need do :-
1. You have to register yourself on any stock broker of your choice and stock broker will register you on the stock exchange. And in this way you will be registered in the stock exchange.

2.your minimum qualification should be 12th pass.

Min qualification to become a sub broker

3. Your age should be more than 18 years.
4. You have to apply for a sub broker to your stock broker. After that they will enquire you some documents:-
1. Aadhar card.
         You must have  your aadhar card with correct name , date of birth, and address. The aadhar card should be linked with a mobile number that will be used for verification.
2. Your 10th or 12th certificate. Most commonly you will be required your 12th certificate
3. Your PAN card.
4. You will be required to submit broker registration fee also which is around 2000 to 3000 rupees. 
After getting verified by the stock broker. You can be a sub broker of that stock broker and you can start earning from that very day. Your earning as a stock broker depends on your work in the stock market. 

 As many clients you will be adding to the stock market and how they invest in the stock market your income will be proportional  to that. 

Sub broker income

And in future you can also upgrade your self to become a stock broker. Because till then you would have sufficient money, sufficient experience and sufficient manpower.

This was all about how to become a sub broker.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this article you may write your doubts in the comment section. You may also read my other blogs given in the posts section of this website.

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