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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

What are stock brokers

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What are stock brokers ??

 What are stock brokers

Let's Suppose a person has to invest some amount of money in the stock market then he cannot buy Shares directly from the Share market. Instead a company , a firm , or a intermediatery is required. 

That intermediatery is called a stock broker. A stock broker maybe an individual or a firm or a company generally it is a company. The stock broker is registered in the share market. These brokerage company accepts our orders and take it it to NSE or BSE. 

To buy Shares from the Share market
We need a trading and a demat account in the brokerage company. 

Through it we place our orders in the share market for a particular company by entering the number of shares , Amount, and at what price we want to sell them. The stock broker sends our orders in the share market in seconds. And we get the shares we want to buy. The shares will come in our portfolio in trading account and money will be deducted from our demat account . In the end we will have shares in portfolio.

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