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Saturday, May 16, 2020

What does stock brokers do.

What does Stock broker do..

What does stock broker do

A Stock broker can be considered as an important part of the share market. Everyday in the share market lots of shares are bought and sold by the investors and traders  in all  the cases a stock broker palys an important role.

Basically a stock broker acts like an intermediate between the investors and the traders. If a person has to invest some amount of money in the share merket then he can't directly buy share from the share market, instead an intermediatery is required.

And that intermediatery is no one but stock broker. A stock broker is an organisation which is registered on the national stock exchange or Bombay stock exchange .

The investors are registered on the stock broker and all the orders that are placed by the investors is completed by the placing the order on the stock exchange through the stock brokers.

Let's understand by a simple example

Suppose a person has to buy some goods from the market i.e biscuit, a packet of biscuit then what will he do ??

The easiest answer may be that he will go to a shop nearby his home and buy the biscuit that he wants, instead of going to the that biscuit wholesale located in the city.

The same way share market works. In share market shares of different companies are bought and sold.

How to enter into stock market ?? 

How to enter into stock market
Stock market is a good place to earn money with the help of money. However it is somewhat risky if people invest their money for a very short period of time. But in long terms it is surely profitable. And good way to earn money.

To start investing in the share market people has to Register themselves on a stock broker. To get registered you need to have
Following documents :-
1. Aadhar card.
2. Pan card.
3. Bank account .
4. Age above 18 years.

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